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imgsc - Find HST GSC stars in FITS or IRAF image files


imgsc [options] FITS or IRAF file(s)


Search the HST Guide Star Catalog withing the area described by the world coordinate system in an image header. This is a link to imcat rather than a separate executable.


-b [<RA> <Dec>]
Output in B1950, optional new image center in B1950 (FK4) RA and Dec
-c <name>
Reference catalog (gsc, ujc, or tab table file
-g <class>
Guide Star Catalog class (-1=all,0,3 (default -1)
Print heading, else do not
-j [<RA> <Dec>]
Output in J2000, optional new image center in J2000 (FK5) RA and Dec
-m [<bright magnitude>] <faint magnitude>
Limiting catalog magnitude(s) (default none, bright -2 if only faint is given)
-n <num>
Number of brightest stars to print
-p <scale>
Initial plate scale in arcsec per pixel (default 0)
Sort by RA instead of flux
Tab table to standard output as well as file
Verbose listing of processing intermediate results
Write tab table output file -z Use AIPS classic projections instead of WCSLIB; use CD matrix or CDELT instead of polynomial solution.


Jessica Mink, SAO (jmink [at]

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