ipa-adddelegation (1) - Linux Manuals

ipa-adddelegation: Add a delegation


ipa-adddelegation - Add a delegation


ipa-adddelegation [OPTION]... name


Adds a delegation named name.

A delegation is used to grant write access to certain attributes from one group to another.

For example, a secretary group may be granted write access to modify the phone attribute of all users in a manager's group.


-a, --attributes=ATTRIBUTES
A comma-separated list of the SM]attributes that may be written by the source group.
Provide a list of common attribute names. This is not an exhaustive list.
-s, --source=SOURCE
The name of the group that is being granted write permission.
-t, --target=TARGET
The name of the group that will be written to.
-v, --verbose
Display the XML-RPC request and response for more verbose debugging output

All arguments except -v/--verbose are mandatory.


ipa-adddelegation -a telephonenumber,facsimiletelephonenumber,mobile -s secretaries -t everyone phones

Create a delegation named phones that will let anyone in the secretaries group edit the phone numbers of anyone in the group everyone.


0 if the delegation was added successfully

1 if an error occurred

2 if no not exactly one matching source group was found (0 or more than one)

3 if no not exactly one matching target group was found (0 or more than one