ipa-addgroup (1) - Linux Manuals

ipa-addgroup: Add a group


ipa-addgroup - Add a group


ipa-addgroup [OPTION]... group


Adds a group with name group.


-d, --description=description
Set the description of the group to description.
-g, --gid=gid
Set the gid for this group to gid. If this option is not present, one is created automatically by freeIPA.
--addattr attr=value
Adds value to attribute attr. Attributes set this way are done after other options. If an attribute is listed more than once or already exists in the entry, it is considered a multi-valued attribute and a list of the values is created.
--setattr attr=value
Set attribute attr to value. Any existing value will be replaced with value.
-v, --verbose
Display the XML-RPC request and response for more verbose debugging output.

The group name and description are mandatory fields. If either of these are not included on the command line you will be asked interactively.

If no options are passed then all questions are asked.


The exit status is 0 on success, nonzero on error.