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kdocker: dock any application in the system tray


 kdocker - dock any application in the system tray


kdocker [options]


 KDocker is a program that will dock any application to the system tray


 Show author information
 Suppress the warning dialog when docking non-normal windows (blind mode)
-d secs
 Maximum time in seconds to allow for a command to start and open a window
 [default: 5 seconds]
-e type
 Name matching syntax. Choices are:
  n = normal, substring matching [default]
  r = regex (regular expression)
  u = unix wildcard
  w = wildcard
  x = W3C XML Schema 1.1
 Dock window that has focus (active window)
 Display this help, then exit
-i file
 Custom icon path
 Case sensitive name (title) matching
 Regex minimal matching
 Iconify when focus lost
 Keep application window showing (don't hide on dock)
-n name
 Match window based on its title
 Iconify when obscured by other windows
-p secs
 By default, when the title of the application changes,
 a popup is displayed from the system tray for 4 seconds
 Works well with xmms
 Disable ballooning title changes (quiet)
 Remove this application from the pager
 Make the window sticky (appears on all desktops)
 Remove this application from the taskbar
-v, --version
 Show the KDocker version string, then exit
-w wid
 Window id of the application to dock
 Assumes hex number of the form 0x###...
-x pid
 Process id of the application to dock
 Assumes decimal number of the form ###...


 KDocker was written by Girish Ramakrishnan
 Revised and maintained by John Schember


Bugs and wishes to the KDocker Home Page <https://github.com/user-none/KDocker>