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monodocs2html: Translate Monodoc XML to HTML


monodocs2html - Translate Monodoc XML to HTML


monodocs2html -source:SOURCE_DIR -dest:DEST_DIR [OPTIONS]*


monodocs2html has been obsoleted by mdoc(1). See the mdoc-export-html(1) man page.

monodocs2html is a program that creates HTML documentation from the Monodoc documentation XML files.


Write the HTML files into the directory DEST_DIR .
Dump the default page template to standard output so that you can use it as a base for a new template for use with the -template option.
FILE_EXTENSION is the file extension for generated files.

This defaults to html .

-?, -help
Show program argument information.
Only generate HTML for the type TYPE .
SOURCE_DIR is the base directory containing the Monodoc XML documentation.

This directory should contain an index.xml file, the namespace-name.xml files (one for each namespace), and namespace-name directories (one for each namespace), which will contain the type.xml files holding the monodoc documentation.

Generate HTML using the page template TEMPLATE .
-V, -version
Display version and licensing information.


The template file is an XSLT which needs to process the following input XML document:
          <CollectionTitle>Collection Title</CollectionTitle>
          <PageTitle>Page Title</PageTitle>
          <Summary>Page Summary</Summary>
          <Signature>Type Declaration</Signature>
          <Remarks>Type Remarks</Remarks>
          <Members>Type Members</Members>
          <Copyright>Documentation Copyright</Copyright>
The generated HTML also makes use of the following CSS classes, which should be defined so that output is nicely formatted:


All members within the HTML file have a id attribute to permit linking to a specific member. The value of the id attribute is the String ID of the specified member. See the STRING ID FORMAT section of the monodocer man page for more information.


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