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nvme-resv-release: Release an nvme reservation


nvme-resv-release - Release an nvme reservation


nvme resv-release <device>


The Reservation Release command is used to release or clear a reservation held on a namespace.


-n <nsid>, --namespace-id=<nsid>

Override the nsid field. If using the admin character device, this parameter is required.

-c <crkey>, --crkey=<crkey>

Current Reservation Key: If the Reservation Register Action is 001b (i.e., Unregister Reservation Key) or 010b (i.e., Replace Reservation Key), then this field contains the current reservation key associated with the host. For all other Reservation Register Action values, this field is reserved. The controller ignores the value of this field when the Ignore Existing Key (IEKEY) bit is set to '1'.

-t <rtype>, --rtyep=<rtype>

Reservation Type: This field specifies the type of reservation to be created.
Value Definition
0h Reserved
1h Write Exclusive Reservation
2h Exclusive Access Reservation
3h Write Exclusive - Registrants Only Reservation
4h Exclusive Access - Registrants Only Reservation
5h Write Exclusive - All Registrants Reservation
6h Exclusive Access - All Registrants Reservation
07h-FFh Reserved

-a <rrela>, --rrela=<rrela>

Reservation Release Action: This field specifies the registration action that is performed by the command.
Value Definition
0 Release
1 Clear
2-7 Reserved

-i, --iekey

Ignore Existing Key: If this bit is set to a 1, then the Current Reservation Key (CRKEY) check is disabled and the command shall succeed regardless of the CRKEY field value.

Indicator option, defaults to 0.


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Part of the nvme-user suite