ofxdump (1) - Linux Manuals

ofxdump: Dump content of OFX files as human-readable text


ofxdump - Dump content of OFX files as human-readable text


ofxdump [OPTIONS]... [FILES]...


ofxdump 0.9.9

ofxdump prints to stdout, in human readable form, everything the library understands about a particular file or response, and sends errors to stderr. To know exactly what the library understands about of a particular ofx response file, just call ofxdump on that file.

-h, --help
Print help and exit
-V, --version
Print version and exit
-f, --import-format=STRING
Force the file format of the file(s) specified (default=`AUTODETECT')
List available import file formats 'import-format' command
Output file parsing messages (default=off)
Output messages meant for debuging (default=off)
Output warning messages about abnormal conditions and unknown constructs (default=on)
Output error messages (default=on)
Output informational messages about the progress of the library (default=on)
Output status messages (default=on)