opatmmtool (1) - Linux Man Pages



(Host) Manages and updates the firmware on the Thermal Management Microchip (TMM).


opatmmtool [-v] [-h hfi] [-f file] operation


Produces full help text.

Produces verbose output.

-h hfi
HFI, numbered 1..n. Default = 1.

-f file
File parameter for fileversion, update, and dumpotp operations.

Includes one of the following:

reboot Reboots the TMM.

fwversion Reports the current firmware version.

fileversion Reports the file version. Requires -f fw_file option.

update Performs a firmware update. Requires -f fw_file option.

dumpotp Dumps the one-time programmable (OTP) region. Requires -f output_file option.

lockotp Locks the one-time programmable (OTP) region.

status Displays the current GPIO pin status.


opatmmtool -h 1 fwversion
opatmmtool -v -f main.signed.bin update
opatmmtool reboot