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opl2ofm - convert Omega and TeX property-list files to font-metric files


opl2ofm [OPTIONS] OPLFILE[.opl] [OFMFILE[.ofm]]


opl2ofm translates a property-list format file, OPLFILE, into the binary Omega Font Metric format. The program writes to standard output (by default) or to a file specified as OFMFILE.

The program also works with TeX PL files, producing TeX TFM files. (opl2ofm is based on the WEB source code for pltotf(1).)


display a brief summary of syntax and options
display progress reports
output version information and exit


None known, but report any found to <omega [at] ens.fr> (mailing list). You should also check to see if the bug is present in pltotf(1).


According to the WEB documentation:

The first PLtoTF program was designed by Leo Guibas in the summer of 1978. Contributions by Frank Liang, Doug Wyatt, and Lyle Ramshaw also had a significant effect on the evolution of the present code.

Extensions for an enhanced ligature mechanism were added by D.E. Knuth in 1989.

Extensions to handle extended font metric files (``OFM'') were added by John Plaice in December 1995 and January 1996, resulting in the new program OPL2OFM.

The primary authors of Omega are John Plaice <plaice [at] cse.unsw.edu.au> and Yannis Haralambous <yannis [at] fluxus-virus.com>.

This manual page was written by C.M. Connelly <cmc [at] debian.org>, for the Debian GNU/Linux system. It may be used by other distributions without contacting the author. Any mistakes or omissions in the manual page are my fault; inquiries about or corrections to this manual page should be directed to me (and not to the primary author).


omega(1), ofm2opl(1), pltotf(1), tftopl(1).

Draft Manual for the Omega System (omega-manual.dvi).

Web page: <http://www.gutenberg.eu.org/omega/>