pcp-shping (1) - Linux Manuals

pcp-shping: report on shell service availability and response


pcp-shping - report on shell service availability and response


pcp shping [-cl] tag ...


pcp-shping samples and reports on the shell-ping service metrics exported by the pmdashping(1) agent.

The default report from pcp-shping shows two columns for each service tag, the first showing service status (zero indicating success) and the second service response time, for the last pmdashping command refresh cycle.

When invoked via the pcp(1) command, the -h/--host, -a/--archive, -O/--origin, -s/--samples, -t/--interval, -Z/--timezone and several other options become indirectly available.


The -c/--status switch displays a summary of the current shell-ping collector - information about service refresh interval, the current command timeout setting, count of refreshes, and the full command line associated with each tag.

The -l/--tags switch displays the valid tags.


pcp(1), pmdashping(1) and PCPIntro(1).