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pcxtoppm: convert a PCX file into a portable pixmap


pcxtoppm - convert a PCX file into a portable pixmap


pcxtoppm [-stdpalette] [-verbose] [pcxfile]


Reads a PCX file as input. Produces a portable pixmap as output. Supported PCX types are:
Colormapped files with 2-16 colors.
"Packed pixel" format (1, 2 or 4 bits/pixel, 1 plane) or bitplane format (1 bit/pixel, 1-4 planes). The program checks the colormap and uses an internal one if the provided colormap is completely black.
Colormapped files with 256 colors
8 bits/pixel, 1 plane, colormap at the end of the file.
24bit truecolor files
24bit RGB: 8 bits/pixel, 3 planes.
32bit truecolor files
24bit RGB + 8bit intensity: 8 bits/pixel, 4 planes.


Enforce the use of the internal colormap for files with 16 colors or less.


Copyright (C) 1990 by Michael Davidson.
Modified 1994 by Ingo Wilken (Ingo.Wilken [at] informatik.uni-oldenburg.de)


ppmtopcx(1), ppm(5)