pzstd (1) - Linux Manuals

pzstd: parallelised Zstandard compression, al la pigz


PZSTD - parallelised Zstandard compression, al la pigz



pzstd [args] [FILE(s)]

Parallel ZSTD options:

-p, --processes
# : number of threads to use for (de)compression (default:<numcpus>)

ZSTD options:

: # compression level (1-19, default:<numcpus>)
-d, --decompress
: decompression
file : result stored into `file` (only if 1 input file)
-f, --force
: overwrite output without prompting, (de)compress links
: remove source file(s) after successful (de)compression
-k, --keep
: preserve source file(s) (default)
-h, --help
: display help and exit
-V, --version
: display version number and exit
-v, --verbose
: verbose mode; specify multiple times to increase log level (default:2)
-q, --quiet
: suppress warnings; specify twice to suppress errors too
-c, --stdout
: force write to standard output, even if it is the console
: operate recursively on directories
: enable levels beyond 19, up to 22 (requires more memory)
-C, --check
: integrity check (default)
: no integrity check
-t, --test
: test compressed file integrity
: all arguments after "--" are treated as files