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qevent: subscribe and respond to xxQS_NAMExx events


qevent - subscribe and respond to xxQS_NAMExx events


qevent subscribes to "events" generated by the xxQS_NAMExx system and loops after writing its pid to the file qevent.pid. It is used by the xxQS_NAMExx test suite, and otherwise can be used to wait for a job or task to finish more efficiently than running qstat in a loop. See the example below.


qevent [-h|-help] [-ts|-testsuite] [-sm|-subscribe] [-trigger event script [-trigger event script],...]


Show usage
Run in test suite mode.
Run in subscribe mode, printing events from the system.
-trigger event script
Start executable script when the specified event occurs. script gets three arguments: event name, job id, and task id. event is one of JB_END: signals a job end; JB_TASK_END: signals a job task end.


Id of the qevent process.


This is an example of waiting for a job which could be used if the -sync, -hold_jid, or -hold_jid_ad options of qsub aren't sufficient.

    $ cat wait-for-job
    if [ "$2" = $JOBID ]; then
        echo Job $JOBID finished
        kill $(cat qevent.pid)
        exit 0
    $ export JOBID=`qsub -b y -terse sleep 30`
    $ qevent -trigger JB_END ./wait-for-job 
    Job 122837 finished


Needs tidying up and extending.