teckit_compile (1) - Linux Manuals

teckit_compile: manual page for command line error at --version


teckit_compile - manual page for command line error at --version


teckit_compile [,-u/] [,-x/] [,-z/] ,mapping_description /[,-o compiled_table/]


Required argument:
source mapping description (.map) file

Optional arguments:

output compiled table (.tec) file ("-" for stdout)
read source text as UTF8 even if no BOM found
generate XML representation rather than compiled table
generate uncompressed table format

Further Information

For further information see the document TECkit_Tools.pdf. A description of the mapping description language used by the compiler, with examples, is found in TECkit_Language.pdf. On a Debian system, these can be found in /usr/share/doc/teckit.