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ubuntu-distro-info: provides information about Ubuntu's distributions


ubuntu-distro-info - provides information about Ubuntu's distributions


ubuntu-distro-info [OPTIONS]


date for calculating the version (default: today)
-h, --help
display help message and exit
-a, --all
list all known versions
display number of days until specified version reaches the specified milestone. MILESTONE may be one of created, release, eol, or eol-server. If no milestone is specified, assume release. For options that return a list, display the normal output followed by whitespace and the number of days until the specified milestone. If milestone cannot be calculated (for example if the eol-server milestone is specified for a non-server release), the string '(unknown)' is displayed. Unless one of -c, -f or -r is specified, only the number of days will be displayed.
-d, --devel
latest development version
-l, --latest
prints the latest development version. In case of outdated distribution data, the latest stable version will be printed.
latest long term support (LTS) version
series to calculate the version for
-s, --stable
latest stable version
list of all supported versions, including the development release
list of all Ubuntu Advantage supported stable versions
list of all unsupported stable versions
-c, --codename
print the codename (default)
-r, --release
print the release version
-f, --fullname
print the full name


The script and this manual page was written by Benjamin Drung <bdrung [at] debian.org>.