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x86_64-linux-gnu-lto-dump-11: Tool for dumping LTO object files


lto-dump - Tool for dumping LTO object files


lto-dump [-list]


lto-dump is a tool you can use in conjunction with GCC to dump link time optimization object files.


Dumps list of details of functions and variables.
Dump the demangled output.
Dump only the defined symbols.
Dump initial values of the variables.
Sort the symbols alphabetically.
Sort the symbols according to size.
Dump the symbols in reverse order.
Dump the symbols in order of occurrence.
Dump the details of specific symbol.
Dump the details of LTO objects.
Dump the statistics of tree types.
Dump the statistics of trees.
Dump the statistics of gimple statements.
For deciding the optimization level of body.
Dump the specific gimple body.
Display the dump tool help.


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