PAPI_option_t (3) - Linux Manuals


PAPI_option_t -

A pointer to the following is passed to PAPI_set/get_opt()


Data Fields

PAPI_preload_info_t preload

PAPI_debug_option_t debug

PAPI_inherit_option_t inherit

PAPI_granularity_option_t granularity

PAPI_granularity_option_t defgranularity

PAPI_domain_option_t domain

PAPI_domain_option_t defdomain

PAPI_attach_option_t attach

PAPI_cpu_option_t cpu

PAPI_multiplex_option_t multiplex

PAPI_itimer_option_t itimer

PAPI_hw_info_t * hw_info

PAPI_shlib_info_t * shlib_info

PAPI_exe_info_t * exe_info

PAPI_component_info_t * cmp_info

PAPI_addr_range_option_t addr

PAPI_user_defined_events_file_t events_file


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