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QuantLib_ObservableValue: observable and assignable proxy to concrete value


QuantLib::ObservableValue - observable and assignable proxy to concrete value


#include <ql/utilities/observablevalue.hpp>

Public Member Functions

ObservableValue (const T &)

ObservableValue (const ObservableValue< T > &)

operator T () const
implicit conversion
operator boost::shared_ptr< Observable > () const

const T & value () const
explicit inspector

controlled assignment

ObservableValue< T > & operator= (const T &)

ObservableValue< T > & operator= (const ObservableValue< T > &)

Detailed Description

template<class T> class QuantLib::ObservableValue< T >

observable and assignable proxy to concrete value

Observers can be registered with instances of this class so that they are notified when a different value is assigned to such instances. Client code can copy the contained value or pass it to functions via implicit conversion.


it is not possible to call non-const method on the returned value. This is by design, as this possibility would necessarily bypass the notification code; client code should modify the value via re-assignment instead.


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