aa_init (3) - Linux Manuals

aa_init: open the output display for AA-lib.


aa_init - open the output display for AA-lib.


#include <aalib.h>

aa_context *aa_init
       const struct aa_driver *driver,

       const struct aa_hardware_params *defparams,

       const void *driverdata



const struct aa_driver *driver
Driver you want to use. Available drivers are listed in the NULL terminated aa_drivers array.
const struct aa_hardware_params *defparams
Hardware parameters you want. Use aa_defparams for default values.
const void *driverdata
This pointer is passed dirrectly to driver used to specify additional driver dependent parameters.


This is the most primitive AA-lib initialization function. Allows better control over the process than the easier to use aa_autoinit function.

Every AA-lib program ought to have call to aa_parseoptions before first call to aa_init.


Pointer to new AA-lib context or NULL if failed.