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globus_rls_attribute_t -

Object (LFN or PFN) attribute type.


Data Fields

char * name

globus_rls_obj_type_t objtype

globus_rls_attr_type_t type

union {

time_t t

double d

int i

char * s

} val

Detailed Description

Object (LFN or PFN) attribute type.

Field Documentation

char* globus_rls_attribute_t::name

Attribute name.

globus_rls_obj_type_t globus_rls_attribute_t::objtype

Object type.

globus_rls_attr_type_t globus_rls_attribute_t::type

Attribute value type.

time_t globus_rls_attribute_t::t

Date value (unix time).

double globus_rls_attribute_t::d

Floating point value.

int globus_rls_attribute_t::i

Integer value.

char* globus_rls_attribute_t::s

String value.

union { ... }                      globus_rls_attribute_t::val

Value of attribute (depends on type).


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