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glutStrokeWidth: Returns the width in pixels of a character in a given font.


glutStrokeWidth - Returns the width in pixels of a character in a given font.


OpenGLUT - fonts


In openglut.h Ft float Fn glutStrokeWidth void *fontID int character


Bf Em
 fontID Ef
    A GLUT stroked font identifier.

Bf Em
 character Ef
 A character code.


This function reports how far the model space origin will advance if you putput this Bf Sy
 character Ef
 in the font named by  Bf Sy
 fontID. Ef
  Not all letters will use their full width, especially in fixed-width fonts.

Returns 0 if Bf Sy
 character Ef
 is out of range or if the Bf Sy
 fontID Ef
 is invalid.


Historically, this function has been described as returning a pixel-width, but was implemented to return the width in model-space units, rounded to integers. GLUT never resolved this, and freeglut duplicated the confusion. OpenGLUT has decided to stay in model-space and to return the unrounded floating point value. An unreleased GLUT 3.8 was supposed to include glutStrokeWidthf() and glutStrokeLengthf() (note the *f suffixes), but that is not in wide use.


Determine if any glyphs are either wider than this function or if they render outside of the bounding box given by Bf Li
 (0,-descent) Ef
  by  Bf Li
 (width,height-descent) Ef


glutStrokeCharacter(3) glutStrokeLength(3) glutStrokeHeightglutBitmapWidth3