iv_time (3) - Linux Manuals

iv_time: ivykis time handling


iv_now, iv_validate_now, iv_invalidate_now - ivykis time handling


#include <iv.h>

extern struct timespec iv_now;
void iv_validate_now(void);
void iv_invalidate_now(void);


iv_now is a global variable that reflects the current time-of-day. Applications written to the ivykis API generally require to know the current time-of-day in many places, and therefore effort is done to cache this quantity.

The contents of iv_now might be stale. Calling the function iv_validate_now ensures that the current contents of iv_now are up-to-date.

The function iv_invalidate_now is called to invalidate the currently cached time-of-day. This function should be called after any operation that takes a significant amount of wall clock time.


ivykis(3), iv_examples(3)