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pskc_get_key_policy_numberoftransactions: API function


pskc_get_key_policy_numberoftransactions - API function


#include <pskc.h>

uint64_t pskc_get_key_policy_numberoftransactions(pskc_key_t * key, int * present);


pskc_key_t * key
a pskc_key_t handle, from pskc_get_keypackage().
int * present
output variable indicating whether data was provided or not.


Get the PSKC KeyPackage Key Policy NumberOfTransactions value. The value in this element indicates the maximum number of times a key carried within the PSKC document can be used by an application after having received it. When this element is omitted, there is no restriction regarding the number of times a key can be used.

Note that while the PSKC specification uses the XML data type "nonNegativeInteger" for this variable, this implementation restricts the size of the value to 64-bit integers.

If present is non-NULL, it will be 0 if the Counter field is not present or 1 if it was present.


an integer holding the content.


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