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sc::BlockedSCMatrix -


Inherits sc::SCMatrix.

Public Member Functions

BlockedSCMatrix (const RefSCDimension &, const RefSCDimension &, BlockedSCMatrixKit *)

void save (StateOut &)
Save and restore this in an implementation independent way.
void restore (StateIn &)

void assign_val (double)
Overridden to implement to assign members.
double get_element (int, int) const
Return or modify an element.
void set_element (int, int, double)

void accumulate_element (int, int, double)

SCMatrix * get_subblock (int, int, int, int)
Return a subblock of this.
void assign_subblock (SCMatrix *, int, int, int, int, int=0, int=0)

void accumulate_subblock (SCMatrix *, int, int, int, int, int=0, int=0)

SCVector * get_row (int i)
Return a row or column of this.
SCVector * get_column (int i)

void assign_row (SCVector *v, int i)
Assign v to a row or column of this.
void assign_column (SCVector *v, int i)

void accumulate_row (SCVector *v, int i)
Sum v to a row or column of this.
void accumulate_column (SCVector *v, int i)

void accumulate_outer_product (SCVector *, SCVector *)
Sum into this the products of various vectors or matrices.
void accumulate_product_rr (SCMatrix *, SCMatrix *)

void accumulate_product_rs (SCMatrix *, SymmSCMatrix *)

void accumulate_product_rd (SCMatrix *, DiagSCMatrix *)

void accumulate (const SCMatrix *)

void accumulate (const SymmSCMatrix *)

void accumulate (const DiagSCMatrix *)

void accumulate (const SCVector *)

void transpose_this ()
Transpose this.
double invert_this ()
Invert this.
void svd_this (SCMatrix *U, DiagSCMatrix *sigma, SCMatrix *V)

double solve_this (SCVector *)

double determ_this ()
Return the determinant of this. this is overwritten.
double trace ()
Return the trace.
void gen_invert_this ()

void schmidt_orthog (SymmSCMatrix *, int)
Schmidt orthogonalize this.
int schmidt_orthog_tol (SymmSCMatrix *, double tol, double *res=0)
Schmidt orthogonalize this.
void element_op (const Ref< SCElementOp > &)
Perform the element operation op on each element of this.
void element_op (const Ref< SCElementOp2 > &, SCMatrix *)

void element_op (const Ref< SCElementOp3 > &, SCMatrix *, SCMatrix *)

void vprint (const char *title=0, std::ostream &out=ExEnv::out0(), int=10) const

RefSCDimension rowdim () const
Return the row or column dimension.
RefSCDimension coldim () const

RefSCDimension rowdim (int) const

RefSCDimension coldim (int) const

int nblocks () const

RefSCMatrix block (int)

Ref< SCMatrixSubblockIter > local_blocks (SCMatrixSubblockIter::Access)
Returns iterators for the local (rapidly accessible) blocks used in this matrix.
Ref< SCMatrixSubblockIter > all_blocks (SCMatrixSubblockIter::Access)
Returns iterators for the all blocks used in this matrix.


class BlockedSymmSCMatrix

class BlockedDiagSCMatrix

class BlockedSCVector

Member Function Documentation

SCMatrix* sc::BlockedSCMatrix::get_subblock (int br, int er, int bc, int ec) [virtual]

Return a subblock of this. The subblock is defined as the rows starting at br and ending at er, and the columns beginning at bc and ending at ec.

Implements sc::SCMatrix.

Ref<SCMatrixSubblockIter> sc::BlockedSCMatrix::local_blocks (SCMatrixSubblockIter::Access) [virtual]

Returns iterators for the local (rapidly accessible) blocks used in this matrix.

Implements sc::SCMatrix.

void sc::BlockedSCMatrix::schmidt_orthog (SymmSCMatrix *, int n) [virtual]

Schmidt orthogonalize this. S is the overlap matrix. n is the number of columns to orthogonalize.

Implements sc::SCMatrix.

int sc::BlockedSCMatrix::schmidt_orthog_tol (SymmSCMatrix *, double tol, double * res = 0) [virtual]

Schmidt orthogonalize this. S is the overlap matrix. tol is the tolerance. The number of linearly independent vectors is returned.

Implements sc::SCMatrix.


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