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sc::CCAEnv -

The CCAEnv class handles embedded CCA frameworks.


#include <ccaenv.h>

Static Public Member Functions

static void init (std::string &args)
Initialize the framework.
static int initialized ()
Return nonzero if CCAEnv has been initialized.
static ccaffeine::AbstractFramework * get_framework ()
Returns pointer to framework.
static gov::cca::Services * get_services ()
Returns pointer to Services object.
static gov::cca::ports::BuilderService * get_builder_service ()
Returns pointer to BuilderService object.
static gov::cca::TypeMap * get_type_map ()
Returns pointer to type map.
static gov::cca::ComponentID * get_component_id ()
Returns pointer to 'uber' component's ComponentID.

Detailed Description

The CCAEnv class handles embedded CCA frameworks.


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