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std::basic_ios<CharT,Traits>::swap: std::basic_ios<CharT,Traits>::swap


std::basic_ios<CharT,Traits>::swap - std::basic_ios<CharT,Traits>::swap


protected: (since C++11)
void swap( basic_ios& other ) noexcept;

Exchanges the states of *this and other, except for the associated rdbuf objects. rdbuf() and other.rdbuf() returns the same values as before the call.
This swap function is protected: it is called by the swap member functions of the derived stream classes such as std::basic_ofstream or std::basic_istringstream, which know how to correctly swap the associated streambuffers.


other - the basic_ios object to exchange the state with

Return value


See also

move moves from another std::basic_ios except for rdbuf
        (protected member function)