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std::basic_ostream<CharT,Traits>::~basic_ostream: std::basic_ostream<CharT,Traits>::~basic_ostream


std::basic_ostream<CharT,Traits>::~basic_ostream - std::basic_ostream<CharT,Traits>::~basic_ostream


virtual ~basic_ostream();

Destroys the basic_ostream object. This destructor does not perform any operation on the underlying streambuffer (rdbuf()): the destructors of the derived output streams such as std::basic_ofstream and std::basic_ostringstream are responsible for calling the destructors of the stream buffers.


// Run this code

  #include <sstream>
  #include <iostream>
  void add_words(std::streambuf* p)
      std::ostream buf(p); // buf shares the buffer with s
      buf << " is the answer";
  } // calls the destructor of buf. p remains unaffected
  int main()
      std::ostringstream s;
      s << 42;
      s << ".";
      std::cout << s.str() << '\n';


  42 is the answer.