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std::experimental::filesystem::directory_options: std::experimental::filesystem::directory_options


std::experimental::filesystem::directory_options - std::experimental::filesystem::directory_options


Defined in header <experimental/filesystem>
enum class directory_options {
follow_directory_symlink, (filesystem TS)

This type represents available options that control the behavior of the directory_iterator and recursive_directory_iterator.
directory_options satisfies the requirements of BitmaskType (which means the bitwise operators operator&, operator|, operator^, operator~, operator&=, operator|=, and operator^= are defined for this type)

Member constants

Member constant Value Meaning
follow_directory_symlink 1 Follow rather than skip directory symlinks.
skip_permission_denied 2 Skip directories that would otherwise result in permission denied errors.

See also

              constructs a directory iterator
constructor (public member function of std::experimental::filesystem::directory_iterator)
              constructs a recursive directory iterator
constructor (public member function of std::experimental::filesystem::recursive_directory_iterator)

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