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std::experimental::function - std::experimental::function


Defined in header <experimental/functional>
template< class > (library fundamentals TS)
class function; /* undefined */
template< class R, class... Args > (library fundamentals TS)
class function<R(Args...)>

std::experimental::function is a modified version of std::function with support for type-erased allocators.

Member types

Type Definition
allocator_type std::experimental::erased_type

Member functions

                    constructs a new std::experimental::function instance
constructor (public member function)
                    assigns a new target
operator= (public member function)
                    swaps the contents
swap (public member function)
                    retrieves a pointer to the memory resource used by this object to allocate memory
get_memory_resource (public member function)

Non-member functions

                                                     specializes the swap algorithm
std::experimental::swap(std::experimental::function) (function template)
                                                     compares an std::experimental::function with nullptr
operator== (function template)

Helper classes

                                                 specializes the std::uses_allocator type trait
std::uses_allocator<std::experimental::function> (class template specialization)

Members identical to std::function

Member types

Type Definition
result_type R
argument_type T if sizeof...(Args)==1 and T is the first and only type in Args...
first_argument_type T1 if sizeof...(Args)==2 and T1 is the first of the two types in Args...
second_argument_type T2 if sizeof...(Args)==2 and T2 is the second of the two types in Args...

Member functions

              destroys a std::function instance
destructor (public member function of std::function<R(Args...)>)
              checks if a valid target is contained
operator_bool (public member function of std::function<R(Args...)>)
              invokes the target
operator() (public member function of std::function<R(Args...)>)

Target access

              obtains the typeid of the stored target
target_type (public member function of std::function<R(Args...)>)
              obtains a pointer to the stored target
target (public member function of std::function<R(Args...)>)