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std::experimental::minmax: std::experimental::minmax


std::experimental::minmax - std::experimental::minmax


Defined in header <experimental/simd>
template < class T, class Abi >
std::pair<simd<T, Abi>, simd<T, Abi>>
minmax( const simd<T, Abi>& a, const simd<T, Abi>& b ) noexcept;

Returns both the element-wise min result and element-wise max result.


a - the first vector of elements for minmax
b - the second vector of elements for minmax

Return value

An object r, where the i-th element of r.first is std::min(a[i], b[i]), and the i-th element of r.second is std::max(a[i], b[i]).


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