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std::experimental::pmr::null_memory_resource: std::experimental::pmr::null_memory_resource


std::experimental::pmr::null_memory_resource - std::experimental::pmr::null_memory_resource


Defined in header <experimental/memory_resource>
memory_resource* null_memory_resource() noexcept; (library fundamentals TS)

Returns a pointer to a memory_resource that doesn't perform any allocation.

Return value

Returns a pointer p to a static storage duration object of a type derived from std::experimental::pmr::memory_resource, with the following properties:

* its allocate() function always throws std::bad_alloc;
* its deallocate() function has no effect;
* for any memory_resource r, p->is_equal(r) returns &r == p.

The same value is returned every time this function is called.