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std::pointer_to_binary_function: std::pointer_to_binary_function


std::pointer_to_binary_function - std::pointer_to_binary_function


class Arg1, (deprecated in C++11)
class Arg2, (removed in C++17)
class Result
> class pointer_to_binary_function : public std::binary_function<Arg1, Arg2, Result>;

std::pointer_to_binary_function is a function object that acts as a wrapper around a binary function.

Member functions

              constructs a new pointer_to_binary_function object with the supplied function
constructor (public member function)
              calls the stored function
operator() (public member function)


explicit pointer_to_binary_function( Result (*f)(Arg1,Arg2) );

Constructs a pointer_to_binary_function function object with the stored function f.


f - pointer to a function to store


Result operator()( Arg1 x1, Arg2 x2 ) const;

Calls the stored function.


x1, x2 - arguments to pass to the function

Return value

The value returned by the called function.

See also

pointer_to_unary_function adaptor-compatible wrapper for a pointer to unary function
                          (class template)
(deprecated in C++11)
(removed in C++17)

ptr_fun creates an adaptor-compatible function object wrapper from a pointer to function
                          (function template)
(deprecated in C++11)
(removed in C++17)