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krb.equiv: Kerberos equivalences



/etc/krb.equiv - Kerberos equivalences


krb.equiv contains zero or more lines, each of which describes a mapping of a kerberos principal (userid [at] host) to a local user (userid or alias). Each line of the file consists of two fields, separated by at least one whitespace character; other blanks are ignored. The first field is the kerberos principal name to remap, and the second is the name of the corresponding local user.


tyq4 [at] ANDY.CMU.EDU tyq4
tyq4 [at] DEANNA.ORG tyq4
ty347 [at] ECE.CMU.EDU tyq4
jj12 [at] ANDY.CMU.EDU tick
tick [at] DEANNA.ORG tick
jy9o [at] ANDY.CMU.EDU jyager
jyager [at] CS.CMU.EDU jyager