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mvn_package: specify target package for Maven artifact(s)


mvn_package - specify target package for Maven artifact(s)


%mvn_package artifact-coordinates [target-package]


mvn_package macro causes instructions for artifact installation to be added to XMvn reactor configuration. It is used to specify target package to which Maven artifacts should be installed.

Specified artifact coordinates must match at least one artifact. If not then behavior is unspecified. It is possible to specify artifact coordinates matching multiple artifacts, so one call to mvn_package can affect installation of more than one artifact.



Artifact coordinates specify artifact(s) that this rule applies to. Coordinates are in format groupId:artifactId[:extension[:classifier]][:version]. If extension is specified then version must be specified too. If any part is omitted or equal to empty string then it matches any string. Wildcards and brace expansions are supported in each part. For more information see XMvn Configuration Reference.


Name of target (sub-)package to which matching artifacts will be installed. Backreferences are supported in form @n, where n is an integer corresponding to brace in artifact-coordinates. A special value of noinstall means that matching artifact(s) should not be installed to any package. Special value of default means that matching artifact(s) should be installed into main package. If target-package is omitted value of __default is assumed.


Originally written by Mikolaj Izdebski. Versions 3.0.0 and later were written by Stanislav Ochotnicky.


Bugs should be reported through Red Hat Bugzilla at m[blue][].


mvn_alias(7), mvn_build(7), mvn_compat_version(7), mvn_config(7), mvn_file(7), xmvn(1).