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bootparamd: boot parameter server


bootparamd - boot parameter server


rpc.bootparamd [ -d ] [ -s ] [ -r router ] [ -f file ] [ -l ]


bootparamd is a server process that provides information to diskless clients necessary for booting. It consults the /etc/bootparams file to find the information it needs.

This version will allow the use of aliases on the hostname in the /etc/bootparams file. The returned hostname to the whoami request done by the booting client will be the name that appears in /etc/bootparams and not the canonical name. In this way you can keep the answer short enough so that machines that cannot handle long hostnames won't fail during boot.

If the machine running this server is not a router and user doesn't specify the -r option, bootparamd will try to find one. Server will make the following attempts to find a router for the client:

1) Find a router by sending ICMP_ECHO to ALL_ROUTERS.
2) Return our own interface address if we're a router.
3) See if our default route can be used by the client.


Display debugging information.
Log the debugging information to syslog.
-r router
The default router (a machine or an IP-address). If you use this option, bootparamd won't look for any other routers.
-f file
The file to use as boot parameter file instead of /etc/bootparams.
Turn off DNS lookup during host search.




You may find the syslog loggings too verbose.


Written by Klas Heggemann <klas [at]>