opaextractstat2 (8) - Linux Manuals



Performs an error analysis of a fabric and provides augmented information from a topology_file including all error counters. The output is in a CSV format suitable for importing into a spreadsheet or parsed by other scripts. opaextractstat2 is a front end to the opareport and opaxmlextract tools.


opaextractstat2 topology_file [ opareport options]


Produces full help text.

Specifies topology_file to use.

 opareport options 

 options are passed to opareport. See  opareport for the full set of options.

The portion of the script that calls opareport and opaxmlextract follows:opareport -x -d 10 -s -o errors -T $@ | opaxmlextract -d ;
-e Rate -e MTU -e Internal -e LinkDetails -e CableLength -e CableLabel
-e CableDetails -e Port.NodeGUID -e Port.PortGUID -e Port.PortNum
-e Port.PortType -e Port.NodeDesc -e Port.PortDetails
-e PortXmitData.Value -e PortXmitPkts.Value -e PortRcvData.Value
-e PortRcvPkts.Value -e SymbolErrors.Value -e LinkErrorRecovery.Value
-e LinkDowned.Value -e PortRcvErrors.Value
-e PortRcvRemotePhysicalErrors.Value -e PortRcvSwitchRelayErrors.Value
-e PortXmitConstraintErrors.Value -e PortRcvConstraintErrors.Value
-e LocalLinkIntegrityErrors.Value -e ExcessiveBufferOverrunErrors.Value


opaextractstat2 topology_file

opaextractstat2 topology_file -c my_opamon.conf