tpm_nvrelease (8) - Linux Manuals




tpm_nvrelease [OPTIONS]


tpm_nvrelease releases an NVRAM area. The user must provide the index of the NVRAM area. If owner authentication is required then the user must provide the owner password.

Note that some areas cannot be released since they are permanent. Others can be release only after a reboot of the system.

The following options are supported:

-h, --help
Display command usage info.
-v, --version
Display command version info.
-l, --log [none|error|info|debug]
Set logging level.
-u, --unicode
Use TSS UNICODE encoding for passwords to comply with applications using TSS popup boxes
-y, --owner-well-known
Use a secret of all zeros (20 bytes of zeros) as the owner's secret.
-o, --pwdo
The owner password.

A password may be directly provided for example by using '--pwdo=password' or '-opassword'. If no password is provided with this option then the program will prompt the user for the password.

-i, --index
The index of the NVRAM area that is to be released. The parameter may either be a decimal number or a hexadecimal number starting with '0x'.


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