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wpa_gui: WPA Graphical User Interface


wpa_gui - WPA Graphical User Interface


wpa_gui [ -p path to ctrl sockets ] [ -i ifname ] [ -m seconds ] [ -t ] [ -q ]


wpa_gui is a QT graphical frontend program for interacting with wpa_supplicant. It is used to query current status, change configuration and request interactive user input.

wpa_gui supports (almost) all of the interactive status and configuration features of the command line client, wpa_cli. Refer to the wpa_cli manpage for a comprehensive list of the interactive mode features.


-p path
Change the path where control sockets should be found.
-i ifname
Specify the interface that is being configured. By default, choose the first interface found with a control socket in the socket path.
-m seconds
Set the update interval in seconds for the signal strength meter. This value must be a positive integer, otherwise meter is not enabled (default behavior).
Start program in the system tray only (if the window manager supports it). By default the main status window is shown.
Run program in the quiet mode - do not display tray icon pop-up messages.


wpa_supplicant is copyright (c) 2003-2016, Jouni Malinen <j@w1.fi> and contributors. All Rights Reserved.

This program is licensed under the BSD license (the one with advertisement clause removed).


wpa_cli(8) wpa_supplicant(8)