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gconf-editor: an editor for the GConf configuration system


gconf-editor - an editor for the GConf configuration system




GConf-Editor is a tool used for editing the GConf configuration database. It might be useful when the proper configuration utility for some software provides no way of changing some option.


The main window consists of a tree showing the GConf configuration database hierarchy, a list of the keys available, and documentation for the selected key.

Key values can be changed by either changing them directly in the list, or right clicking on them and selecting Edit key. Changes take immediate effect in running programs. New keys can be added by right clicking in the list and selecting New key.

Bookmarks may be set for quick lookup of a key later.


This tool allows you to directly edit your configuration database. This is not the recommended way of setting desktop preferences. Use this tool at your own risk.


Anders Carlsson <andersca [at] gnu.org>.
This manual page was written by Göran Weinholt for the Debian project, but may be used by others.


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