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gpg-wks-server: Server for the Web Key Service


gpg-wks-server - Server for the Web Key Service


gpg-wks-server [COMMAND] [OPTIONS] [ARGS]


gpg-wks-server is a server for the Web Key Service. It can handle incoming mails with the --receive command.

See the EXAMPLES section for procmail and crontab configurations.

You also need a webserver configured to alias requests to /.well-known/openpgp/ and below to the /var/lib/gnupg/wks/<wkd-domain>/ directory.


Receive a submission or confirmation.
Run regular jobs.
List configured domains, and checks some file and directory permissions.
Show program version and some meta information.
-h, --help
Output a short usage information.
Print warranty information.
Dump all available options and commands.


-v, --verbose
Enable verbose output.
-q, --quiet
Be somewhat more quiet.
Send the mail using sendmail.
-o, --output FILE
Write the mail to FILE.
--from ADDR
Use ADDR as the default sender.
--header NAME=VALUE
Add "NAME: VALUE" as header to all mails.
Can be used to add a header for loop detections, see procmail example.
Set debugging flags. All flags are or-ed and flags may be given in C syntax (e.g. 0x0042) or as a comma separated list of flag names. To get a list of all supported flags the single word "help" can be used.
--gpg GPG
Use the specified command instead of gpg.


Contains a subdirectory for each domain to run the server for. Each subdirectory is supposed to contain what should show up on https://.../.well-known/openpgp/.
The user running gpg-wks-server needs write access to these subdirectories.



Store received emails in ~/Mail/ (create it manually first), uses From: key-submission [at] and X-WKS-Loop: as loop detection:

MAILDIR=$HOME/Mail LOGFILE=$HOME/Mail/from LOCKFILE=$HOME/Mail/.lockmail VERBOSE=yes # filter out FROM_DAEMON mails (bounces, ...) into separate mailbox :0 * ^FROM_DAEMON from-daemon/ # archive (copy!) all "normal" mails :0 c archive/ # if not in a loop: handle mails with gpg-wks-server :0 w * !^From: key-submission [at] * !^X-WKS-Loop: |gpg-wks-server -v --receive \ --header \ --from key-submission [at] --send # if handling failed: store in separate mailbox :0 e cruft/


In case procmail is not used automatically the following ~/.forward file might be useful:

"|exec /usr/bin/procmail || exit 75"

The double quotes are supposed to be included in the file!


You should run the --cron command once a day. Edit the crontab with

crontab -e

and append the following line:

42 3 * * * gpg-wks-server --cron


Please report bugs to <>.


Copyright © 2017 Free Software Foundation, Inc. License GPLv3+: GNU GPL version 3 or later <>

This is free software: you are free to change and redistribute it. There is NO WARRANTY, to the extent permitted by law.

This manpage was written by Stefan Bühler for the Debian distribution (but may be used by others).


Latest draft for the Web Key Service protocol: <>
GnuPG on Web Key Service: <>