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kwallet-query: KDE Wallet command-line manipulation tool


kwallet-query - KDE Wallet command-line manipulation tool


kwallet-query OPTIONS wallet


kwallet-query comes in handy when shell scripts need to read or update the KDE Wallet. It works by manipulating the entries displayed in the KDE Wallet Manager utility. It's only parameter is the walletname the tool should read or update. The operation mode is specified by the options.



Display a short help message


List password entries. These are the folder names displayed in the KDE Wallet Manager utility. If the -f option is given, this will only display the subfolders of the specified folder.

-r,--read-password Entry

Read the contents of the given Entry from the Foldersection of the wallet and output it on the standard output. Maps are exported as JSON object.

-w,--write-password Entry

Write secrets to the given Entry under the Folder section of the given wallet. The secrets are read from the standard input. Maps take in input a well-formed JSON object. IMPORTANT previous wallet entry value will be overwritten by this option, so be careful when using it!

-f,--folder Folder

Set the wallet folder to Folder value. By default Passwords is used.


Output more information when performing the operation, to help debugging.





The wallet wallet was not found


The wallet wallet could not be opened. For example, that would be an indication of a bad password entry or some other problem with the KDE Wallet system


The Folder section was not found inside the wallet wallet. Perhaps the wallet file is corrupt?


The read or write operation has failed for some reason.


Please report all bugs on the KDE bug reporting website: Be sure to select kwallet-query when submitting your bug-report.


kwallet-query was originally written by Valentin Rusu and is part of KDE.


Copyright (C) 2015 Valentin Rusu. Free use of this software is granted under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL).


Valentin Rusu <kde [at]>

Original author