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memstomp: detect function calls with overlapping memory regions


memstomp - detect function calls with overlapping memory regions


memstomp [-dk] application [argument...]

memstomp -h


The memstomp utility identifies function calls that use overlapping memory regions in situations when such an overlap is not allowed by various standards. When a problem is detected, memstomp displays a backtrace to help you debug the problem, and if executed with the --debug-info command line option, it even uses the available debugging information. Since the backtrace code is not thread safe, memstomp also allows you to use the --kill option to immediately terminate the analyzed program when an invalid function call is detected.

This version of memstomp inspects the following function calls: memcpy(), memccpy(), mempcpy(), strcpy(), stpcpy(), strncpy(), stpncpy(), strcat(), strncat(), wmemcpy(), wmempcpy(), wcscpy(), wcsncpy(), wcscat(), and wcsncat().


-d, --debug-info
Make use of debugging information to produce more detailed stack traces.
-k, --kill
Kill the analyzed application when a problem is detected.
-h, --help
Display usage information and exit.
-q, --quiet
Be less verbose


Lennart Poettering <lennart [at]>
William Cohen <wcohen [at]>


memcpy(3), memccpy(3), mempcpy(3), strcpy(3), stpcpy(3), strncpy(3), stpncpy(3), strcat(3), strncat(3), wmemcpy(3), wmempcpy(3), wcscpy(3), wcsncpy(3), wcscat(3), wcsncat(3)