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nova: OpenStack Nova command line client


nova - OpenStack Nova command line client


nova [options] <command> [command-options]

nova help

nova help <command>


nova is a command line client for controlling OpenStack Nova, the cloud computing fabric controller. It implements 100% of the Nova API, allowing management of instances, images, quotas and much more.

Before you can issue commands with nova, you must ensure that your environment contains the necessary variables so that you can prove to the CLI who you are and what credentials you have to issue the commands. See Getting Credentials for a CLI section of OpenStack CLI Guide for more info.

See OpenStack Nova CLI Guide for a full-fledged guide.


To get a list of available commands and options run:

nova help

To get usage and options of a command run:

nova help <command>


Get information about boot command:

nova help boot

List available images:

nova image-list

List available flavors:

nova flavor-list

Launch an instance:

nova boot myserver --image some-image --flavor 2

View instance information:

nova show myserver

List instances:

nova list

Terminate an instance:

nova delete myserver


Nova client is hosted in Launchpad so you can view current bugs at


OpenStack Contributors


OpenStack Contributors