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vows: Asynchronous behavior-driven development (BDD) framework


vows - Asynchronous behavior-driven development (BDD) framework


Usage: vows [FILE, ...] [options]


Vows is an asynchronous behavior-driven development (BDD) framework for Node.js.

Vows was built from the ground up to test asynchronous code. It executes your tests in parallel when it makes sense, and sequentially when there are dependencies. Emphasis was put on speed of execution, clarity and user experience.


-v, --verbose
Enable verbose output
-w, --watch
Watch mode
-s, --silent
Don't report
-i, --isolate
Run each test in it's own vows process
PATTERN Only run tests matching the PATTERN string
PATTERN Only run tests matching the PATTERN regexp
Use JSON reporter
Use Spec reporter
Use TAP reporter
Use Dot-Matrix reporter
Use xUnit reporter
Print plain coverage map if detected
Write coverage map to "coverage.html"
Write unified coverage map to "coverage.json"
Write coverage map to "coverage.xml" in Emma xml
Don't use terminal colors
Show version
-h, --help
You're staring at it


Please report bugs on the GitHub issue tracker: <https://github.com/cloudhead/vows/issues>