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xfce4-session: Starts up the Xfce Desktop Environment


xfce4-session - Starts up the Xfce Desktop Environment




This manual page documents briefly the xfce4-session command.

The xfce4-session program starts up the Xfce Desktop Environment and is typically executed by your login manager (e.g. xdm, gdm, kdm, wdm or from your X startup scripts). It will load your last session or a default session that includes the standard Xfce programs if no saved session is available.

xfce4-session is an standard X11R6 session manager that can manage any X11R6 SM compliant program, including GNOME and KDE programs.

xfce4-session uses the contents of the ~/.cache/sessions/ directory for starting previously saved sessions.


xfce4-session takes the following command line options:
Disable binding to TCP ports in the ICE layer. This is not possible on every platform. If you use this option on a platform that does not support it, xfce4-session will print a warning message and ignore the setting.
Print a help screen and exit.
Output version information and exit.


xfce4-session's behaviour is affected by the following environment variables.

Specifies the root for all user-specific configuration files. If this environment variable is unset, it defaults to ~/.config/
Set of preference ordered base directories relative to which configuration files should be searched in addition to the $XDG_CONFIG_HOME base directory. The directories should be separated with a colon.
Specifies the root for all user-specific cache data. If this environment variable is unset, it defaults to ~/.cache/
When defined, this environment variable enables debugging messages to be saved to ~/.xfce4-session.verbose-log The log file from the last session run with this environment variable set is retained at ~/.xfce4-session.verbose-log.last These debugging messages are useful for troubleshooting and development.


xfce4-session reads its configuration from Xfconf. xfce4-session stores its session data into $XDG_CACHE_HOME/sessions/.


xfce4-session was written by Benedikt Meurer <benny [at] xfce.org> as part of the Xfce project. This manual page was written by Oliver M. Bolzer <oliver [at] debian.org> and Benedikt Meurer <benny [at] xfce.org>.


Report bugs to http://bugzilla.xfce.org/.


Copyright © 2003-2014 Benedikt Meurer.