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std::float_round_style: std::float_round_style


std::float_round_style - std::float_round_style


Defined in header <limits>
enum float_round_style {
round_indeterminate = -1,
round_toward_zero = 0,
round_to_nearest = 1,
round_toward_infinity = 2,
round_toward_neg_infinity = 3

Enumeration constants of type std::float_round_style indicate the rounding style used by floating-point arithmetics whenever a result of an expression is stored in an object of a floating-point type. The values are:

Enumeration constants

Name Definition
std::round_indeterminate Rounding style cannot be determined
std::round_toward_zero Rounding toward zero
std::round_to_nearest Rounding toward nearest representable value
std::round_toward_infinity Rounding toward positive infinity
std::round_toward_neg_infinity Rounding toward negative infinity

See also

round_style identifies the rounding style used by the type
              (public static member constant)

FE_TONEAREST floating-point rounding direction
FE_TOWARDZERO (macro constant)