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std::this_thread::sleep_until: std::this_thread::sleep_until


std::this_thread::sleep_until - std::this_thread::sleep_until


Defined in header <thread>
template< class Clock, class Duration > (since C++11)
void sleep_until( const std::chrono::time_point<Clock,Duration>& sleep_time );

Blocks the execution of the current thread until specified sleep_time has been reached.
The clock tied to sleep_time is used, which means that adjustments of the clock are taken into account. Thus, the duration of the block might, but might not, be less or more than sleep_time - Clock::now() at the time of the call, depending on the direction of the adjustment. The function also may block for longer than until after sleep_time has been reached due to scheduling or resource contention delays.


sleep_time - time to block until

Return value



Any exception thrown by Clock or Duration (clocks and durations provided by the standard library never throw)

See also

sleep_for stops the execution of the current thread for a specified time duration