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shorewall6-proxyndp: Shorewall6 Proxy NDP file


proxyndp - Shorewall6 Proxy NDP file




This file was added in Shorewall 4.4.16 and is used to define Proxy NDP. There is one entry in this file for each IPv6 address to be proxied.

The columns in the file are as follows.

ADDRESS - address

IPv6 Address.

INTERFACE - interface (Optional)

Local interface where system with the ip address in ADDRESS is connected. Only required when the HAVEROUTE column is left empty or is set to no or No.

EXTERNAL - interface

External Interface to be used to access this system from the Internet.

HAVEROUTE - [-|Yes|No]

If there is already a route from the firewall to the host whose address is given, enter Yes or yes in this column. Otherwise, enter no or No or leave the column empty and Shorewall will add the route for you. If Shorewall6 adds the route, its persistence depends on the value of thePERSISTENT column contains Yes; otherwise, shorewall6 stop or shorewall clear6 will delete the route.


If HAVEROUTE is No or no, then the value of this column determines if the route added by Shorewall persists after a shorewall6 stop or a shorewall6 clear. If this column contains Yes or yes then the route persists; If the column is empty or contains No or no then the route is deleted by shorewall6 stop or shorewall6 clear.


Example 1:

Host with IPv6 2001:470:b:227::44 is connected to interface eth1 and we want hosts attached via eth0 to be able to access it using that address.

       #ADDRESS             INTERFACE       EXTERNAL
       2001:470:b:227::44   eth1            eth0