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yapet_colors: format of YAPET color configuration


yapet_colors - format of YAPET color configuration


The color scheme of YAPET can be customized by setting the colors option in $HOME/.yapet (see the section called "EXAMPLES" for examples). It has the following syntax:



The UI object for which the color is set. See Table 1, "UI Objects" for possible values.


The foreground color of the UI object. See Table 2, "Colors" for possible values.


The background color of the UI object. See Table 2, "Colors" for possible values.


The attribute of the UI object. Attributes are used if the terminal does not support colors. See Table 3, "Attributes" for possible values.

Table 1. UI Objects

UI Object Abbreviation
Default Color DEF
Dialog DIA
Dialog Title DIT
Input Widget w/o focus IWN
Input Widget w/ focus IWF
Hidden text in Input Widget IWH
Button w/o focus BTN
Button w/ focus BTF
List Box LBX
Highlighted line in List Box LBH
Check box group CBG
Title Bar TLB
Status Bar STB

Table 2. Colors

Color Abbreviation
Black k
Red r
Green g
Yellow y
Blue b
Magenta m
Cyan c
White w

Table 3. Attributes

Attribute Abbreviation
Normal 0
Standout 1
Underline 2
Reverse 3
Blink 4
Dim 5
Protected 6
Invisible 7


Example 1. Default YAPET Colors

Please note, the line has been wrapped for better readability. Line breaks are not allowed in colors.




The per-user configuration file. If existing, options are read from this file but can be overridden by the command line options.

Processing of this file can be disabled by invoking yapet with the -i option.

Refer to the yapet_config(5) for an explanation of the per-user configuration file.


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yapet(1), yapet_config(5)