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miredo-server: Teredo server for Unix


miredo-server - Teredo server for Unix


miredo-server [-c config_file] [-f] [-u user] [server_name]


Miredo-server is an Unix daemon program which implements a Teredo server as specified by the "Teredo: Tunneling IPv6 over UDP through NATs" Internet proposed standard (RFC 4380).

A Teredo server is required for Teredo clients to setup their IPv6 connectivity through Teredo. A Teredo server must have two global static subsequent IPv4 addresses. It receives packets from Teredo clients and Teredo relays on UDP port 3544.


-c config_file or --config config_file
Specify an alternate configuration file for Miredo instead of the default, /etc/miredo/miredo-server.conf.

-f or --foreground
Do not detach from the console. Run the program in the foreground.

-h or --help
Display some help and exit.

-u username or --user username
Override the user that the program will run as. By default, it runs as nobody.

-V or --version
Display program version and license and exit.


miredo-server requires root privileges to create open a raw IPv6 socket that is used to emit ICMPv6 Echo Request packets. Once its initialization is complete, it will setgid, chroot into an empty directory and ultimately setuid (see option -u), so as to decrease the system's exposure to potential security issues.


SIGHUP Force a reload of the daemon.

SIGINT, SIGTERM Shutdown the daemon.

SIGUSR1, SIGUSR2 Do nothing, might be used in future versions.


The default configuration file.

The process-id file.


R33mi Denis-Courmont <remi at remlab dot net>



miredo-server.conf(5), miredo(8), ipv6(7)